regReggie Chamberlain-King is a Belfast-based writer, broadcaster, Musiphilosoph, and humble savant. His first novel, A Poisoned Chalice For Charlie, was received warmly by the back of a drawer. He has worked previously with the staff of the BBC, Ulster Bank, and Royal Mail and may do so again. He also makes regular appearances on public transport.

Mr. Chamberlain-King frequently standardises the grammar and use of prepositions at The New Escapologist, where he also refines the few mixed metaphors into their finer component parts. He is also the usual librettist and songwriting partner of Mr. Martin White and his Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra.

Mr. Chamberlain-King is available to write, speak and expound, if asked nicely. Even requests made discourteously will be considered with all the good grace he can muster.

You can email Reggie at and should feel free to do so.