Blog Hop

It was a great honour to me that Mr. Jim Meredith asked me to take part in a writers’ Blog Hop called The Next Big Thing, in which a writer answers ten questions on their current work in progress, and then tags other writers to do the same. I had

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Untitled Apology #1

Complete and utter apologies. I am a disgrace to all four of my parents. Until much sooner than this was late.

Lambs to the Slaughter

Last week was unrelenting, so much so that didn’t end until Wednesday. In addition to my usual duties – none of which you would care for me to enumerate – I had to take part in seven plays in six days. This is the very reason that I gave up

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Everyone is reading New Escapologist, even beautiful women

Beautiful woman, New Escapologist The exciting new issue of New Escapologist has arrived, at last, at my home, where it is now being read by everybody. It is the longest issue yet released, with over one hundred pages, and looks as beautiful as ever. Moreso, even, as the lovely Ms.

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