Everyone is reading New Escapologist, even beautiful women


Beautiful woman, New Escapologist

The exciting new issue of New Escapologist has arrived, at last, at my home, where it is now being read by everybody. It is the longest issue yet released, with over one hundred pages, and looks as beautiful as ever. Moreso, even, as the lovely Ms. Samara Lieber has designed a new-look cover.

It deals exclusively with the subject of Bohemianism: a subject distant from my heart. The self-professed Bohemians that I tend to meet are lumbered with privilege and a stubborn, teenaged contrarianism. Thankfully, none of them made it. Instead, Issue Five features articles from the likes of the lovely Mr. Dickon Edwards (on bedsits), the lovely Mr. Neil Scott (on beards), and an interview with the -I’ve never met him, so I can’t say- Mr. Alain de Botton (on record). One of my typically long-winded essays appears, this time on the topic of Mr. Satie, who, himself, was never long-winded.

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