• Spiritual Conversion Amongst The Tír Go Maith
  • A Quintessence Of Dust
  • Reggie Chamberlain-King’s Recurring Dream #23


  • A Step-By-Step Method, Collated from Several Sources
  • An Eric Sykes Book-Signing


  • ‘Why, Coventry!’ I exclaimed. “I was born here.’
  • Salaud Days – Gainsbourg
  • For or Against the Grain, Or: Huysmans’ Check-List
  • The Chatter of Pop

    • The Cult Of The Sun King


    • The Stuffed Owl
      • A Review From The Belfast Festival Opening Concert
      • Hello Young Lovers by Sparks


      • Bohemian Footnotes #3 – The Boho Dance
      • Bohemian Footnotes #2 – Bohemian Like You
      • Bohemian Footnotes #1 – Bohemia After Dark
      • Words & Music – Three
      • Words & Music – Two
      • Words & Music – One
      • The Musiphilosoph, Explained.
      • Mr. Moondog
      • A City’s Immersion In Morricone


    • Murder In Ten Point


    • I Sleep Amongst The Tall, Tall Flowers
    • Take It Easy On My Heart
    • Stop All The Clocks
    • Thank You For Not Discussing The Outside World


    • Blog Hop
    • Untitled Apology #1
    • An Artist’s Impression of Last Night’s Game
    • Lambs to the Slaughter
    • Everyone is reading New Escapologist, even beautiful women
    • Authors on Stamps
    • Master Flea or Master Piece? Fate decides
    • Working Title: All Good Boys Despise Froots
    • Drink & Draw, Dec. 6th
    • In Collaboration with Stuart Baile
    • The Word Anthologies Always Reminds Me Of My Crippling Childhood Lisp
    • Introducing Prof. Johnston, As He Did Me
    • Things that Nile Rodgers Taught Us
    • A Crisis In Masculinity
    • In Translation & A New Career In A New Town
    • On Seaneen Molloy; Or, I Propose A Crown
    • The Ballad of Harry & Yoko
    • In Nireland, we do not talk with terrorists, only former terrorists…
    • Creep’s Last Tape
    • The Line Between Love And Hate
    • Tell Tchaikovsky The News
    • A Recluse Loose Aboot This Hoose
    • Escape Route
    • A Pompous Arse Explains Why He Is Never Asked To Do Anything Twice
    • Don’t Forget His Toothbrush; Memories of Ron Mael’s Face
    • Nerdstock
    • Salmonella of Knowledge, being the most tortured Eggheads/Mr. Brown’s Irish mythology comic crossover pun that I can think up
    • A Christtide Gift
    • Merry Christtide
    • How Do You See Karl?